Tuition & Financial Aid

ACA Annual Fund

Each year, Abington Christian Academy is tasked with the responsibility of raising funds in order to meet the gap between a fair tuition price and the cost of operations. 

We depend on the partnership of friends, families, and local businesses and organizations who embrace the vision of the academy and want to see young people learn and grow in an environment specifically tailored toward accomplishing that goal.

To learn more about supporting the work of Abington Christian Academy, please contact Mrs. Festa directly.

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Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC)

Enacted in 2001, The Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit program amended the public school code. Act 4 authorized the award of tax credits to businesses that make contributions of up to $200,000 to scholarship organizations. These scholarship organizations then designate funds as tuition assistance to qualified recipient schools like Abington Christian Academy. Business donations to the EITC program have already created thousands of scholarship dollars for ACA students. Scholarship funds are available for PreK through grade 5.