Since Abington Christian Academy is a private, not-for-profit school, it is funded by tuition alone.  We have, therefore, depended on the generous
support of people and institutions who are inspired by our educational
vision to give.  Current projects we invite you to help us with will improve
the quality of our education while greatly facilitating the work of our faculty and staf

2022 Fundraising Projects

$5,000 – Arts & Music
$2,500 – Playground Fund
$3,000 – Digital Marketing Campaign
$1,500 – Soundproofing between upstairs classrooms
$3,500 – Computer Lab Build-Out
$2,150 – Expand Special needs program
 $17,750 – Fundraising Goal

Parents, teaching staff, and students of Abington Christian Academy have 
certainly done their share through the years to support the work of the school.
The result is a tradition of regularly recurring fund-raising projects that they,
and many members of our community look forward to each year. These
memorable – and successful – activities are strategically scheduled throughout
the seasons of the school year.


Golf Tournament


Pie for Breakfast



Rummage Sale

Purses for a Purpose (Always near Mother’s Day!)


5k Fun Run