Q:  Is childcare available before or after the school day?

A:  Yes, services are available for an additional fee. Before Care is available starting at 7:45 and After Care is available until 4:00 PM.  (This changes each school year based on needs.) 

Q:  How do I find out about closings and/or delays?

A:  We find out through the Remind App, which all families are asked to join at the start of the school year.  Also, the information will be updated on our Facebook page as well as the PAHomePage (online and through CBS and PBS).  

Q:  Where do I purchase a uniform?  

A:  ACA uniforms may be purchased through STARR uniform in Scranton.  They are located at 502 Cedar Ave. (not to be confused with Starr on Center St, which is for law enforcement.)

Q:  My student forgot his/her lunch.  May I drop one off before lunch period?

A:  Yes.  You may ring the bell when you arrive with lunch and we will deliver lunch to your student.  Students sit to eat at 12:15PM.

Q:  How do I reach my student’s teacher?

A:  Every classroom teacher has an email address.  You may send an email directly to the teacher.  Each teacher will communicate their contact information at the start of the school year.  A note may be sent in your student’s folder if you are looking to send a message in the morning to a teacher or to the office.

Q:  Can I pick up my student early?

A:  Yes. Please notify the school office and your classroom teacher. (This can be sent as a note in the student’s folder or an email to both teacher and office. A phone call is also fine.)  We will have your student ready for the correct pick up time and ask that you sign out your student with the office manager.

Q:  How do I pay tuition?

A:  Payment may be sent in the form of cash or a check, payable to ACA.  This can be mailed to the academy or sent in a sealed envelope in your student’s folder.

Q:  Can I pay online?

A:  Yes.  We use Square to process online payments.  We can send an invoice for your payment via email.  There is a processing fee, which is added to the payment. Please contact the academy office if you would like to set this up.

Q:  What does my student wear for physical education?

A:  Please wear the phys ed uniform, as outlined in the uniform policy.  The shirt can be purchased at Starr and the shorts and pants may be purchased wherever you like to shop for comfortable clothing.

Q:  Why do I wait in a line for dismissal?

A:  Waiting in line keeps students from walking through a busy parking lot with moving vehicles. Please follow the pattern and we will try our best to keep cars moving forward so that all students are out of the building within a few minutes from dismissal time, which is 3:00 PM.

Q:  Can someone else pick up my child from school?

A:  Yes. Please send a note to the office, stating that person’s name, the relationship they have with your student and the color or make of the car they will drive.  We will ask for a photo ID the first time or two until we can easily recognize that person when they are picking up again.

Q:  When are school photos taken?

A:  We set up a “picture day” in the fall.  It is typically in October/November.

Q:  How do I learn about classroom policies and rules? 

A:  Every student is provided a Student/Family Handbook on the first day of school.  Please refer to this and each classroom teacher will provide classroom rules on the first day as well.