Pie for Breakfast

Our Pie for Breakfast event is an all-you-can-eat pie social featuring just about every kind of pie you can imagine! This is our tenth year serving fruit pies, cream pies, custards, and quiches, gluten- and sugar-free options, and even pizza. All are available for your enjoyment. Whether you are a sweet-toother or savory-craver, there will be choices for everyone. Traditional apple and pumpkin pies are mainstays, but each year new and unique pies are added. Root beer, lemonade, and other novelty pies are always community favorites. Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, milk, and water are included in the price.

                         Pie for Breakfast is being served at Servant Church located at

           204 South Abington Road, Clarks Green, on March 16th from 8:30am – 11:30am.

                                                                  Requested donation

         Adults: $10 | Children ages 3-10: $2 | Seniors and Veterans: $8 | Take out: 5 pieces for $6

                     For more details about this highly anticipated event,  contact us at 570-586-5270.