Abington Christian Academy
Your place where children can discover what is true, good, and beautiful.
Abington Christian Academy
Your place where children can discover what is true, good, and beautiful.
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Welcome to Abington Christian Academy!

We hope that as you scroll through our website you will feel the family spirit pervading our educational mission. And part of that mission is to help your child become a happy and valued member of this special community of learners.  Please  enjoy your tour of our school home, and take delight in the “conversations” you may hear echoing from scene to scene.

Educational Philosophy

We are passionate followers of Jesus Christ who love the classical model of education! These two factors form the foundation of our educational philosophy. 


An academically based program that builds on your child’s curiosity and imagination to develop social and intellectual skills.


A place where children begin to read, add and subtract, and explore science through play and hands-on discovery.​

Grammar Stage

Grammar from the start, Biblical and historical literacy, mathematics, Latin, and the Great Books for children.

Dialectic Stage

Music, Art, and Literature are fundamental, not incidental, to Classical Education, and no child is left out. 

Who We Are!

Abington Christian Academy is a non-sectarian Christian school for children in Pre-K through 8th grades in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. Our curriculum, based on the historically-proven Classical Christian model, gives our students the finest academic, social, and spiritual foundation a school can offer.

The Academic Experience

Developing intellectual and personal habits to prepare your child to flourish as a mature and responsible adult.

A Tradition of Excellence

Strong ideas about how to teach young people that have withstood the test of hundreds of years of experience.

In The Classroom

 High value placed on all subjects, no compromise on grammar, literature, logical thinking, and precise writing and speech.

Beyond the Classroom

A community of learners where children learn of the real world and how they will  assume their place in it.

The Future

Fundamental education built on enduring skills and truths
opens many doors

Educational Opportunities

A major hallmark of a classical education is the prominence given to training in the arts.  Far from being regarded as “extra-curricular”, art, music, and literary excellence are essential to the “well-furnished mind”. Here at Abington Christian Academy the arts are main-stream!




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