Mission, Vision, and Values

Abington Christian Academy was founded as a place where Christian truths, values, and precepts for living would infuse the curriculum, enliven our teaching methodology, and establish standards of behavior our students could aspire to emulate. We believe our Christian foundations provide ultimate answers for the why, what, and how of education.  We educate because we believe each person is uniquely created by God with amazing potential for development. And this can only be realized when the capacities for communication, thinking, building, creating, and responding to others with kindness and deference are cultivated with care. 

It is in the created universe – including ourselves – where we find all the materials that form a thorough education (“The earth is the Lord’s”). If language, mathematics, and music are part of the created order,  what is not a problem. Our students learn that school subjects are part of our human heritage, things to first of all enjoy, and then to use.  Because of our why and what our faculty are united as to the how.  Teaching methods and materials are designed to nurture love, not fear, of the subject. Where there is nothing to be afraid of, a child is free to explore, to learn, and to regard school as something to be joyfully thankful for.  And this is the foundation on which we build character – virtue, wisdom, love for the good and beautiful – and establish the pattern for lifelong learning.